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Slumped and Fused Glass

กระจกหลอม   Kiln Formed Glass & Slumped Glass

Glass Effexts and DDSV Concept has joined an alliance partnership with Toucan Forged Glass in Melbourne Australia to further extend our expertise and experience in the area of Slumped and Fused Glass

and offer our client base of architects and designers unlimited possibilities for innovative glass solutions


Toucan Forged Glass is one of the leading creative glass company’s with many years experience in producing creative commercial and art glass works.

DDSV Concept is dedicated to servicing both technical and creative glass requirements for residential and commercial projects for architects, designers, developers and contractors.

We offer a wide range of services  and experience – glass supply, glass processing, glass hardware fittings, glass effects, shower enclosures, glass swimming pools, balustrades and much more.

Park Hyatt blue
Park Hyatt Hotel-Melbourne Australia 

Sumptuous, rich cast glass wall is 25mm thick
Stainless steel frame, back lit to reveal brilliant

  Visit Toucan Forged Glass website for further inspiring works in Slumped and Fused glass.

Transitional Glass
A texturing process exclusive to Toucan Forged Glass is ‘Transitional’ where texture and pattern merge into clear transparent glass within the same sheet.

Numerous situations can benefit from this treatment for example: feature panels can be seamlessly incorporated into larger areas of clear glass:

views can be controlled, both in and out, to maximum advantage. Entry-ways, shower screens and windows are given added intrigue.

Slumped Glass

Utilizing a variety of production techniques, principally kiln formed glass or slumped glass, and the application of vitreous enamels which are fired onto the glass, the company offers both standard and customised glass to suit all interior and exterior uses.  

The Process of imparting texture and patterns into sheets of glass involves intense heat to soften the glass sufficiently for it to melt over and into specially prepared moulds. The heat is provided by kilns specifically designed to suit the glass forming process.

GE-01SL- Dart GE-02SL- Accent GE-03SL- Cascade

GE-04SL- Chamois GE-05SL- Delta GE-06SL-Tidal

GE-07SL-Ravine GE-08SL-Reef GE-09SL-Ribble

GE-10SL-Streamer GE-11SL-Stone GE-12SL-Shale

The moulds can be a variety of materials (refractories) selected for their particular characteristics. The resultant glass reflects the artistic input at the design and moulding stage, and the subsequent treatments that might be used.

Textured sheet glass is used in foyers and entryways,frameless doors, shower screens and vanities, windows balustrades, tabletops, shelves and furniture,its unique properties also make it ideal for signage.

These include colour applications, obscuring treatments, etching, shape-cutting and edgework, adhered embellishments and metalware. 





GALLERY 1 - Graphic Glass
GALLERY 2 - Glass Colour Cote
GALLERY 3 - Glass Signage
GALLERY 4 - DigitalKote - Images on Glass
GALLERY 5 - Textured Design on Colour Mirror Glass
GALLERY 6 - Textured Design on Clear Glass
GALLERY 7 - Textured Design on Glass Colour Cote

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    กระจกกราฟฟิค กระจกลวดลายพิเศษ Custom Designed Graphic and Pattern on Glass
กระจกสลักลาย กระจกพ่นทราย แบบพิเศษ ดีไซน์เฉพาะ Custom DesignTextured on Glass
กระจกเคลือบสี หลากสีสัน แห่งจินตนาการ High Quality Glass Colour Cote

การพิมพ์ภาพ หรือ กราฟฟิค บนผิวกระจก Digital Printing - Images on glass

ป้ายกระจก ดีไซน์พิเศษ Custom Made Glass Signage
กระจกเงาดีไซน์ Mirror Glass Designs
กระจกเงาสี Colour Miror Glass
กลาสเอฟเฟ็กซ์ แกลเลอรี่ภาพ Glass Effexts-Photo Gallery
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กระจกใสพิเศษ Low Iron Glass
ฉากกั้นอาบน้ำ กระจกบานเปลือย แบรนด์หรู จาก ออสเตรเลีย Shower Master 
ตู้อาบน้ำกระจก ราคามาตรฐานโครงการ Shower Project

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